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Darla Antoine
Darla Antoine
Resident Expert on Dreams, Divination & Lattes

About the Instructor

Darla helps spiritual seekers create a nourishing spiritual practice that is based in ancestral and dream wisdom. She does this by integrating her M.A. in intercultural communication along with her own spiritual experiences as a mixed race woman to help her clients learn to effectively communicate with the spiritual world and to align themselves with their own spiritual and cultural legacies.

She is an expat and mother of two, homesteading in Costa Rica. By accident.

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If you're looking to strengthen your connection to Divine Wisdom or to invite more Divine Guidance into your life, there's one place I suggest you begin: Your dreams.

A Course In Dreams contains over 100 full-sized pages of tips, techniques and even a few rituals to get you in tip-top dreaming shape, plus audio versions of each lesson so you can listen on the go or while you multi-task. 

Whether you haven't remembered a dream in decades or you regularly remember and interpret your dreams, I've got something new for you to learn to take your dreaming, and dream divination, to the next level.

Why Study Dreaming?
Divine guidance is coming to you through your dreams all of the time. That same divine guidance continues to speak to you throughout the day via signs and synchronicities (see Week 5: Dreams as Divination for more) and the key to benefiting from this divine guidance is to know how to remember, re-enter, interpret and curate your dreams. And it isn't as hard or as time consuming as you may think! This course will teach you simple and effective tips for harnessing that state and remembering the guidance, insight and inspiration you received, long after you've woken up.

The Benefits Of Learning How To Divine By Dream Include:

  • Opening yourself up to spiritual teachings, initiations and healings while you sleep
  • Receive important and even urgent messages from the Divine, without your ego and your rational brain interfering
  • "Download" practical and ingenious solutions to every day problems
  • Become aware of more magic, coincidences, synchronicities and other Divine connections threaded throughout your life
  • Get sage advice on big and touch decisions
  • Connect with friends and family on a deeper level by helping them understand the Divine meaning behind their own dreams
  • Learn how to call a specific dream to you instead of hoping and waiting for a dream on a certain subject
  • Add depth and layer to your current spiritual practice or "up-level" to a new one
  • Add depth and layer to your current divination practices

NOTE: This Is NOT A Course On Lucid Dreaming Or Astral Travel

This course was created on the assumption that dreams are gifts and messages from the Divine. I believe that dreams are an under-tapped resource and wellspring of Divine healing and guidance and this is how I approach learning how to dream. For these reasons, this is not a course on Lucid Dreaming or Astral Travel. Lucid Dreaming courses, in my experience, are aimed at teaching the student how to control their dreaming experience. While there is nothing wrong with this, it is very different from opening yourself up to allow the Divine to speak to you in dreams. Once you begin to try to control a dream, all trace of the Divine leaves. The dream becomes a function of entertainment rather than a vessel of wisdom.

Astral travel, on the other hand, is when your astral body leaves your aura and visits other places, dimensions and universes. This happens quite often and can also be a skill that is learned and utilized for entertainment or knowledge-gaining purposes. However, I've found that Astral Travel is a lot less intimidating, a lot easier, and more successful once the basics of Divine Dreaming (taught in this course) are mastered.

Course Contents

23 PDFs
9 Audios
1 Download
10.0 hrs

Course Curriculum